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Welcome to our website. The South Carolina Association of Councils on Aging Directors (SCACAD) is a non-profit grass roots organization that serves as the substantive link for all aging services in the state of South Carolina.  



President's New Year 2010 Letter


January 6, 2010


Dear Aging Network:


As I write my first letter of the New Year, I find myself reflecting on the work our agencies have done to enhance quality of life and help older adults remain active and independent. We all should feel proud of the work that we did in 2009.



Many of us formalize our intentions with a list of personal resolutions for the New Year: spending more time with the family, quitting smoking, starting a diet, saving more and spending less, and so on.  We probably should be doing this year round, but the New Year provides an opportunity to recommit to these things.


While most of my personal resolutions would be boring to the group, I do have some resolutions for SCACAD as an organization:



1. That we continue to increase membership involvement through active communications and support from places like TidesIV in Mt Pleasant.

2. That we continue to work with like-minded organizations to provide additional benefits and services for older adults in South Carolina.

3. That we continue being a vocal and visible advocate for Council on Agings and the seniors they serve.

4. That we continue to develop and expand trainings and conferences for all staff.


While these are my new year’s resolutions, I would like for each and every one of us to look at the upcoming year and resolve to develop new ways to increase the value of our membership in this association and to make the Aging Network more visible on the local, regional and state levels.


It’s a new year and time for all of us to renew our commitment to SCACAD and the communities we serve and to find new ways to progress and promote our Association. As your President, I look forward, as always, to your suggestions on improving our Association.



Kim Bowers

Kim Bowers

SCACAD President